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best tablets with usb port

Top 8 Best Tablets With USB Port You Can Buy in 2019

We all want to carry tablets instead of laptops but then we are not that a fan of on-screen keyboards, all of us want to plug-in our keyboard/mouse and get the work done but do tablets come with USB Ports? It may be bit surprising

best 8-inch tablets

Top 10 Best 8-Inch Tablets – One Stop Shop Guide

Before the 8-inch tablets came into existence, the most popular 7-inch tablets and 10-inch tablets were ruling the market. However, many people found the 7-inch screen size too small, since they come with smaller form-factor and also failed to deliver battery life that people were expecting.

best tablet for business

The Best Tablets For Business Work – Our Most Recommended Tablets With Keyboard

The best business tablets combine productivity features with lightweight design, efficient performance and long-lasting battery-life that provide best-in-class, mobility and versatility for the modern enterprise usage. Many of the business tablets from the market can replace your primary laptop for work because of the hardware

best 7-inch tablets - ipad samsung galaxy tab

Top 10 Best 7-Inch Tablets – One Stop Shop Guide

It all started with the most iconic Nexus 7, an Android tablet which gained huge market hits for its powerful features and compact design at an affordable price. In other words, we can also say that the Nexus 7 increased the demand for  7-inch tablets

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