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The Best Drawing Tablets 2020 – Our Most Recommended Graphics Tablets

20 thoughts on “The Best Drawing Tablets 2020 – Our Most Recommended Graphics Tablets”

  1. Cecil Saxon says:

    Great article, used it to aid in my buying decision this Christmas. Sadly the WACOM website was absolutely crushed on Christmas day and the drivers along with the registration mandated software are unavailable. Makes me wonder if the tablet is worth keeping since they can’t seem to get web design and architecture done right. It sure destroyed the hopes of the recip9ient, left a decidedly bad impression on day one.

    1. Mike says:

      Glad you liked it!
      Wishing you and our other readers at Tablet Under Budget happy holidays. Hope you all had a wonderful year 🙂

  2. Joshua Peakd says:

    I’ve never bought a drawing tablet before, however have always been into digital art, my budget is tight, as I’m only 16 years old, but can be flexible so probably anything under 100 would be great.
    Due to many mixed opinions, I’m not quite sure what to buy as a starter, do you think you could help, thank you

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Joshua,
      I would recommend the Wacom Intuos Draw to anyone who is just starting with digital art. It’s an entry-level $80 drawing tablet which has got all the necessary features that you would need at the beginning. Go with it!

  3. Teo says:

    I am looking for writing tablet that I can use for presentation, teaching online etc running on macos. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Teo,

      You mean iOS by MacOS, right? You can get iPad Pro 10.5 or iPad 2017 Model. As you mentioned you need it for writing, you can connect Apple Smart keyboard or any third-party keyboard for writing. For drawing, you can get the Apple Pencil to draw directly on the screen which also has the ability to detect pressure sensitivity. Moreover, there are a number of apps available on App Store which can help you to make your presentation even more effective.

      1. Teo says:

        Hi Mike, thanks for your reply. I mean macOS running on macbook. I have the requirements to do presentation online like webinar. As I speak, I may need to draw on some kind of virtual whiteboard where my audience can see them.

  4. Mitch says:

    Hi Mike,
    Would there be any way to confirm which of the tablets you recommend are still compatible with Mac OS 10.6? Thanks!

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Mitch,
      You are running on a quite old version of Mac OS now. However, we have two tablets on our list which are compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and above. The one is Ugee M708 and another one is Wacom Bamboo CTL471. Both will work with your version of Mac OS seamlessly.

      1. Mitch says:


  5. Justine says:

    Hey I’m only 11yrs old I’m on a tight budget of 50$ I was wondering what would be a good starter😁

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Justine,
      For starters who are looking for a drawing tablet to hone their skills, I would recommend buying the XP-Pen Deco 01 which is probably the best budget drawing tablet in terms of features and pressure sensitivity. You just need to connect it with your PC or laptop and you’re good to go.

  6. Dora says:

    Very useful article. Beginner in graphic tablets. I saw your earlier recommendation of the Wacom intuos Draw for beginners so, I’ll go with that. Thanks!

    1. Mike says:

      Glad you found the post helpful.

  7. Cristina says:

    Hi Mike,
    I have a question does number 8 require internet. I’m a 12 year old im a beginner for a draw tablet. I’m getting one but in concerned if it needs Internet.

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Cristina,
      The number 8 (Huion H610 PRO) doesn’t require internet to be operated. However, do note that you might need to connect your Laptop/PC to the Internet just once for initial setup or maybe for installing drivers.

  8. Soumi Paik says:

    Hey! This is a nice and pretty helpful article. I have been in art but in the basic canvas and paper forms, I’d like to indulge in the digital art thing to make illustrations, cartoons and comics basically. I’m a beginner with the budget under 100$. Which one will you recommend?

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Soumi,
      For beginners who are just stepping into the digital form of art, I would recommend buying the Wacom Intuos CTL4100 which is probably the best overall package for beginners for the price of under $100. It comes with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity which is probably 2X than the previous generation. Remember, the more pressure sensitivity you will have the more accuracy and precision you will get for drawing.

      Basically, there are 2 variants of Wacom Intuos (Small) which fall under $100 category. The Wireless one ($99) and the non-wireless one ($78), you can pick any one of them according to your needs. However, I would recommend buying the wireless variant, because I don’t like cables on my desk. Moreover, the Wacom Pen is battery-free and wireless across all variants which is surely a good thing.

  9. Andrea says:

    Hey Mike, would you recommend the wacom bamboo create (CTH-670)? I’m fairly new to graphics tablets but I want a tablet that isn’t too pricy but still decent. I prefer the pen to have an eraser, and I intend to use it to create an original logo initially but would like to also like casually draw with it.

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Andrea,
      Get the Wacom Intuos CTL6100WLK0 instead.

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