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Top 12 Best 10-Inch Tablets – One Stop Shop Guide

4 thoughts on “Top 12 Best 10-Inch Tablets – One Stop Shop Guide”

  1. Rose Smith says:

    Hello I am interested in the Fire HD 10 is it good for playing games? My Dad loves to play casino games is this what he needs or the Dragon better for this?

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Rose Smith,
      The Fire HD 10 is one of the best tablets for media consumption, but when it comes to gaming I won’t recommend it because of the limited collection of apps & games in the Fire App Store. It should work fine if the game your dad plays is not graphics intensive and is available to download from the Store itself. Otherwise, not recommended.

  2. steve hickman says:

    Hello, I am interested in the Lenovo 10 in plus that has 4 gigs ram, your hyperlink to amazon takes you to the plus model with only 2 gigs ram, can you tell me where to find and buy the model that has 4 gigs ram, thank you

    1. Mike says:

      Hello Steve,
      Sorry for the inconvenience caused. There might be a mistake by Amazon on that page. As per, GSM Arena, the Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 10″ comes only in two variants 16GB/3GB RAM or 64GB/4GB. Anyway, I think the Lenovo Tab 4 10″ Plus model ships with 2GB RAM/16GB in the US. You can check Lenovo’s official website for accurate information.

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