Microsoft Launches Surface Pro 8 & Surface Go 3

The all new Microsoft Surface Pro 8 & Surface Go 3 are here.
microsoft surface pro 8

If you have been looking for a badass productivity machine for quite some time, then this is the perfect time. Microsoft held an online hardware event to launch its latest array of products, and here are the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Microsoft Surface Go 3.

The newer contenders have huge improvements over the predecessor, and it targets business professionals and productivity blasters. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 was launched in 2019, and it has been one of the best-selling 2-in-1 form-factor tablets in the industry. However, the update took a long haul, unlike peeps at Apple who drop new iPads every year.

The Surface Pro 7 was a great performer, and the unrivalled versatility in its thin and light design made it a super capable contender for professionals and students. With the launch of Surface Pro 8, Microsoft takes this capability to the next level with their all-new design, processor, and Windows 11.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

microsoft surface pro 8
Image Credits: Microsoft

Display & Design

The design has not been changed much, and it looks very much the same as before. The display is a little bit larger than before, and now it is a 13-inch PixelSense display with over five million pixels. On the previous model, it used to be 12.3, so that is a nice upgrade here.

The best part about the new display is that the Surface Pro 8 houses a 120 Hz refresh rate and it will change the experience to a whole new level. Microsoft is surely late to the luxury of high refresh rate displays, because Apple and Samsung did it way before.

The display is Dolby Vision-certified, and it is made to deliver the best true-to-life experience ever.

Performance & RAM

The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will ship with the new 11th Gen Intel Quad-Core processors and powerful graphics for power-demanding tasks. It will have 43% more processing power and 75% more powerful graphics capability than its predecessor, which is excellent.

The performance bump will attract many power users and creative professionals who need a powerful machine that is portable and easy to carry around, and the support for Thunderbolt 4 unlocks the borders of its capabilities.

Microsoft claims 16 hours of battery life on a single charge.

The new Surface Pro 8 will ship up to 32 GB RAM, which is incredible for the size of this device, and it will run on the latest Windows 11, which is set to go live on 5th October.

Surface Slim Pen 2

The Surface Slim Pen 2 takes the capability of Surface Pro 8 further with its custom G6 silicon beneath, and it will interest a lot of creative professionals and digital artists.

The pen has a new design that seems ergonomically very comfortable, and it is has a sharp tip at the bottom to deliver optimum accuracy and feel. It vibrates and gives haptic feedback while drawing, which is first in the segment.

The pen now has a dedicated space in the keyboard folio (sold separately), and it charges with a magnetic mechanism. A digital artist in the event added that the Surface Pro 8 has the best stylus experience, and it feels so natural with its ultra-low latency.

Moreover, Microsoft has partnered with Adobe to provide the best optimization and performance of the Adobe Suite in the Surface products.

More Features

The Surface Pro 8 has a high-quality camera that is set to give the best video-calling results, and the studio-grade microphones further enhance the experience.

Apart from that, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will support 100+ games for cloud gaming, powered by Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

microsoft surface go 3
Image Credit: Microsoft

The Surface Go 3 has subtle changes that most people will not even notice. The main differences are on the inside, and it is still the entry-level product in the Surface lineup.

It has a 10.5-inch display, and Microsoft claims that the Surface Go 3 is the fastest and most capable budget-oriented device. Under the hood, the Surface Go 3 packs 10th Gen Intel Core processors, and it is set to deliver 60% faster processing power than the predecessor.

It will still be targeted more towards kids and average users, and it is intended to do small and basic things efficiently.

Nevertheless, it still supports multitasking, so you will be able to work upon two apps side by side. It will still support the old surface pen, so you do not get support for the new Surface Slim Pen 2 here.

It has parental controls, so the new Surface Go 3 is ideal for kids. The sound is Dolby Atmos-certified, and it houses a dedicated safe mode for kids.

Apart from these two devices, Microsoft also launched an Ocean Plastic Mouse made up of recycled materials to protect the planet.

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